Why did Nikon double down on FX when the trend is toward smaller cameras and lenses?

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Re: Why did Nikon double down on FX when the trend is toward smaller cameras and lenses?

Retzius wrote:

It seems like an odd choice, at least to me, for Nikon to double down on FX. The market and consumer trend, in almost all types of electronics, it towards smaller and lighter.

It seems like a odd move to emphasize larger cameras and bodies when the consumer is demanding the opposite.

For example, I was at Disneyland with the family this weekend, and the DSLR was not very well represented. When I did see a DSLR, it was almost exclusively an APS sized sensor body.

I understand that most of these folks are not exactly "enthusiasts", but, sales to these folks are where Nikon and Canon really make their money.

Even if Nikon eventually makes a FX sizes sensor in a D3200 size body, the lenses will still be large enough to make consumers balk at the purchase.

What do you think?

They did it because, like most "trends," the "consumer trend" for "smaller, lighter" cameras will shrivel up once everyone figures out that the "smaller, lighter" cameras are pretty poor tools for taking pictures, because they are too small to hold comfortably, too small to have adequate on-body controls that aren't buried in menus, too small to allow the photographer to hold them without unintentionally activating controls they didn't actually /want/ to activate, have sensors too small for good image quality, in particular as the ISO range goes up, have significant shutter lag that causes pictures to be missed as often as nailed, etc. in some combination. The "consumer" market is also one limited in scope, i.e., once someone who just wants a "convenient" camera has one, the likelihood that they buy more gear sinks to next to nothing. The dSLR market, on the other hand, has longevity, since a greater number of those who are serious enough about photography to go the dSLR route to begin with are far more likely to upgrade bodies, buy more lenses and other accessories, etc. Nikon is expanding FF offerings because that's where they make their money, and because that's where they will continue to make their money.

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