GF5+14-42x vs RX100 for commuting/backup?

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Re: GF5+14-42x vs RX100 for commuting/backup?

cameron2 wrote:

The RX100 is a great little camera. I always liked Sony's panorama support, for example. I was out shooting in San Francisco today with the RX100 and the following thoughts occurred to me:

* It's not tiny. If you really want tiny, go with the Canon S100. It's also half the price!

* It doesn't have great reach with the zoom. While the S100 has significantly greater zoom, you can get even more insane amounts of zoom with other tiny cameras (because of their smaller sensors).

* I know it can take RAW, but I choose to shoot JPEGs so that I can think of it differently than a "work" camera. In other words, I grab the RX100 when I want a point-and-shoot, even though it has tons of features that could rival an advanced m43 camera.

The big thing for me is that it is a lot easier to lug around (I carry it in my computer bag) than a GH2. I bought it for social settings because:

* It's small enough to grab & go

* It's very bright on the wide end (which you need inside in social settings)

* I don't need much zoom for that

* The sensor is good in low light (again, the main use case)

So ask yourself what you'll be using it for. Outside in bright light? Why bother -- get a tiny sensor super zoom. Tiny camera for your pocket? Get an S100. System camera? Small m43.

If you need a bright lens for wide angle shots, high ISO capability and pretty small package with plenty of available bells and whistles, then the RX100 is a good choice.

Thanks for the reply Cameron.  My search for a camrea has evolved since I started looking. I don't think that the RX100 is the perfect camera for me, but it just might fit the bill.  I currently have the EM5, which I compliment with the S95 - particularly when traveling.

My problem is that I'm no longer impressed with the S95 IQ the way I used to be when I first got the camera.  I must be spoiled by the OMD - I used to be perfectly fine with the S95 images.

I wanted to purchase a camera that was in between the S95 and the OMD - something that I could carry with me when I commute and something that I have in my bag at all times. I was thinking that the E-PL3 would tide me over, but the RX100 keeps taunting me.

My ideal camera would be one the approximate size of the RX100 with a m43 sensor and an integrated electronic viewfinder.  Maybe someday that camera will be available, but for now, I'll have to make due with the RX100.

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