I need points on why I should go with a D600 over a 5d/mark 2

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Re: I need points on why I should go with a D600 over a 5d/mark 2

I went from a Nikon D7000 to a lightly used 5DII body on a deal that was too good to pass up.  The full frame image quality was awesome and I loved the Canon ergonomics over the D7000.  Initially I was shooting mostly portraits and landscapes via center AF point only and everything was just fine.  As I continued to grow as a photographer I started shooting more and this is where the frustration began with the 5DII.  Basketball games and dance competitions were frustrating with the low keeper rate due to missed focus.  I started to shoot what the camera could manage more than what or how I wanted to shoot.

I eventually figured I would get a 5DIII whenever it was announced but was not happy with the price nor the direction Canon is heading with their pricing of their recent lenses.

I had a chance to use a D600 recently and was pretty impressed with the AF performance but it felt strange in my hands.  Still the D600 AF blew the 5dII away.  I kept coming back to that and then started looking at the Nikon D600 and D800 on paper. Fast forward to today and I am wrapping up a two week trial period with a D800 and I am pretty much floored.  AF system is killer in its tracking and low light capabilities. Metering and dynamic range are really good. Ergonomics are not as good as the 5D, but after two weeks of continual use the camera just fits and the controls are second nature.

So only being lightly invested in Canon (only 2 L lenses and two primes) the rented D800 is on its way back but my gear is up for sale now and my new D800 is on its way.

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