How to prevent the "entry-loss problem" with the new forum system.

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Re: There are indeed simpler solutions

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anyways, my solution is to do a quick ctrl+a to select the entire text box, then a ctrl+c to copy it to the clipboard.  if I need to go elsewhere and come back, a simply ctrl+v would recover the "lost" text.  some caveats such as if you add to the clipboard in between the text would be lost, and it won't save the post title... but a quicker option for me.

As a couple have pointed out above, there are simpler solutions.  Thanks to Seam and Iskender for their suggestions, I now find I can get exactly where I want in one step (at least on a Mac) by simply Cmd-clicking the reply or reply with quote button. That opens the desired entry window in a new browser page (not a tab).  I now have a "protected" browser page for entry and the original session in a separate browser page for further browsing if needed.

and about that dialog box that was implemented as a "fix" or stopgap.  I'd much rather not have it, since it quick hinders forum navigation and once you experience the lost text issue, you should know not to do anything that will delete un-submitted text unintentionally.

Yes, the current stop-gap fix is certainly a kludge that we hope they will supplant shortly with a proper solution.  They are clearly trying.

The functional equivalent of Sean Nelson's method is true where it comes to an open tab in my Firefox 3.6.28 browser. The text having been typed into the UI in a tentative post is persistent - unless I specifically close that browser tab.

Not sure how you interact with your browser (one page/tab at a time?). Does your browser allow for multiple tabs ? Having the text in a separate browser page (new window) sounds fine. However, simply composing the post in one of many open browser tabs (might) be even easier ?

Well, on the Mac, working in Safari, a Cmd-click on the button brings the desired page up in a new browser window.  A Ctr-click on the button brings up a context menu, that allows a choice of actions, including "Open in a new Tab," or "Open in a new browser Window."  The Cmd-click opens in a new browser window without an intervening context menu.

I also have a Safari extension that opens the front page in a new tab.  But that entails first clicking the "reply" button, then making a new tab of the resulting reply window.

Either way results in a workable situation, but none of this was necessary with the old system.  Neither a new browser window nor a new tab in the old browser window was necessary to deal robustly with dPreview replying.  And that, of course, is the way it should be.

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