Thumbs up / Thumbs down already being abused

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Re: Thumbs up / Thumbs down already being abused

sean000 wrote:

Well that didn't take long. I was watching a thread I had not yet posted in. It had about 15 posts. A couple of posts had thumbs up ratings, but no thumbs down. I refreshed a few minutes later and someone had posted a new response. It also appears that they gave a thumbs down to every other message in the thread. Their own message is the only one without a thumbs-down, and all other meaages got a thumbs down at about the same time this new message appeared. My hope is that positive ratings will help the better responses rise to the top of the pile, but I can also see people getting into thumbs-down wars.

Personally, when I give a thumbs down to a post, I will also write a reply that states why I gave a thumbs down.

Yes, just another novelty item that means absolutely NOTHING.  What is going to happen when someone gets 100 thumbs down?  NOTHING.  Go to the OFF topic forum and watch what is going to happen to several posters over there.  One or two of them will get hundreds, if not thousands of thumbs down comments, while nothing is going to happen to them.

We were promised Moderators over a year ago, and that has not happened either.  So, trolling will continue until moderators are assigned.  Unfortunately, I do not see that happening any time soon.

This would have been a great time to implement a BLOCK feature, but they chose not to do that either.  The BLOCK feature would have allowed you as a member, to BLOCK anybody else from responding to YOUR posts only.  It would stop the trolling, baiting, and abusive posts.  But obviously that is not their interest to do that.  That want people to rate comments.  And, the point is why?  Everyone knows that some are just going to hit that thumbs down button each time someone posts.

Where are the moderators?

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