********** Results - Challenge 154 - Seeing Differently ***********

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********** Results - Challenge 154 - Seeing Differently ***********

Link to original challenge: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/post/42600404

This is the first time I've hosted a challenge, and it has been interesting to see how folks interpreted the theme.  There weren't as many submissions as I'd hoped, but they were all stunning.  It wasn't easy to rank them and choose a winner.

I rated the images both on personal preference and how well I thought they demonstrated the theme.

First I'll present the nine runner up in roughly reverse order, followed by the winner.

Zooming by I Beam


I like the combination of the motion blur along with non-blurred versions of the signs making them readable.  I've tried things along this line but never had anything come out this good.

Weeds by CGS11


I like the contrast of the white dandelion against the black background.  I wonder if a square crop would work better for this picture?

Awosting Falls by mnodonnell


This is a quirky picture that is out of the ordinary.  For some reason, I find myself drawn to the two rocks jutting out of the water.  Initially I was less than enamored with the large expanse of relatively featureless water, but the more I look at it, the more I think it works here.

no title by dartymix1


The swirls of color make this mostly an abstract picture for me, but there is just enough of the sunflowers to allow me to recognize what's behind the glass.  I think that gave me more of a connection with the image.

Driving at Night by JPMontez


A great example of a time exposure of lights.  I think what did it for me was the combination of the jiggling of the lights contrasting with the smoothness of the pavement.

Currently Untitled by fotoph


A nice picture and something I'd like to try sometime.  It would be nice if you could explain a little bit about how you made this photo.

Flower and water droplets by winniepoo


I'm surprised you got that much motion in the water droplets with a 1/30 exposure.  And I'm curious how you got the bright droplets against the dark background.  I like having the flower off center sharing the limelight with the droplets.

Drops in line by sukotin


Just an elegant photo.  I love the lighting and the crispness.  How did you light it?  Did you mist the spider web or was this normal dew?

Elakala Swirls by Rajeshb


A great example of the classic water fall time exposure.  What elevated it in my mind was the ethereal quality of the foreground swirl.

and finally the winner:

spontaneous combustion by pierre1


I just loved the composition, the combination of colors, and the right degree of blurriness/irreconcilability.  Well done.

Congratulations to pierre1, the other finalists, and everyone who submitted pictures.  They were great pictures and hopefully will inspire some of us to go out and try something new and different.

So the baton passes to you, pierre1, for the next challenge.

Thank you to all who took the interest and time to submit a photo.  As usual I am awed by the quality of the photography I see in this forum.

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