Why does 5D3 look cleaner than D600?

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That makes no sense

J Mankila wrote:

Some people need it, but they're a niche. Some people prefer it, but they're a niche. RAW offers not only the true representation of a sensor, but also the ultimate image quality, which can be argued to be the logical choice for people spending over 2000€/$2500 on a camera and a whole lot more in their lenses - to achieve that ultimate image quality.

JPG is a niche? I won't even begin to go there. You do not know what people are using their cameras for, so you cannot make such statements.

Besides, I did not come here to discuss RAW vs. JPG.

...raw files, which, I would imagine, majority of the people on this forum uses.

Please refrain from an attitude of snobbishness.

Frankly, you don't get to say that. I clearly wasn't showing the tiniest sign of snobbishness, but rather conveying my experience of this forum and its participants

What you said can be interpreted as snobbishness. It also does not matter how people in this forum use their cameras. The people here represent only a small fraction. However, their knowledge and expertise IS relevant.

you made a general argument about the two cameras' image quality that was simply untrue.

No, I asked why one camera's output looked better than another's using DPR's test scene. I am certain that this question gets asked by many, and many come to the conclusion that Canon is better. How do I know this? My friend recently bought a 5D3. That's how.

Usually, claims of Canon or Nikon having superior or inferior IQ have been met with criticism and ill behaviour

I really do not think it got that bad this time because most people understood where I was coming from.

Many of the replies seemed useful and appropriately level, I agree. But your point about Gabbro being the only one to fail to address forum etiquette rubbed me.

Let me quote Gabbro. "...go away and enjoy your iso 12800 photos. I don't shoot iso 12800 and don't give a cr@p about it."

Now how is that helpful in any way whatsoever, and why are you defending him? This only tells me that some people don't realize that not everyone uses their cameras the same way.

It is extremely unfortunate, however, that you seem to be equalling cordial behaviour with agreement with your own views.

I think most people here have the same idea about what cordial means. I will show you a few cordial replies.









OK, I'm going to stop because I can go on and on and on.

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