My 10-22 got beaten by RX100...

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Re: My 10-22 got beaten by RX100...

Lens design has indeed been improving surprisingly fast of late. I believe that good part of it is that, with chromatic aberration and distortion corrected by software (as is surely done in an integrated lens+sensor like the RX100), the designers can shift along the tradeoff curve and concentrate on things that cannot be corrected by software, like sharpness. This results in a much better final image.

That being said: 1) To make things comparable in terms of depth of field you should stop down the 10-22 a bit more (I believe f/5.6 on the RX100 corresponds to about f/10 on APS-C). 2) The design of the 10-22 seems optimized for the ultra-wide angle range (non-existent on the RX100's zoom), so it's weaker at other focal lengths.

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