Nikon Consumer DX SLR Talk

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Re: Nikon Consumer DX SLR Talk

megthebest wrote:

FFabio wrote:

wlad wrote:

you mean "Nikon D70,D70s,D80,D90,D7000,D50,D40X,D60,D5000,D5100,D40,D3000,D3100,D3200 talk" would have been better ??

I like better:
Nikon Coolpix
Nikon CX
Nikon DX
Nikon FX

plain simple.

just my 2 cents.


Probably the best solution..

doesn't make sanse to divide DX format  in two different sections ..

Actually, there are DX cameras in three different sections, as the D1 & D2 are in the "FX" forum.

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