X100 lens protection?

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Re: X100 lens protection?

I have always used a quality filter to protect the lens on my DSLR's - can't say I have ever felt any of my images suffered any - but then maybe I wouldn't given that I know no different!

When I'm out with the camera the lens cap comes off and usually stays off until I go home.  Many a time I have been grateful for the protection!  Once (and I still suffer when I recall this) I came bounding out of the house with a sigma 30mm 1.4 (misplaced lens cap) in my hand only to see it propel out of my hand at high speed and hit the tarmac (filter first...).  The filter was totally chewed but the lens untouched.  I remain in the church of filter protection!

Surely this argument could/has already been resolved with some (dare I say it) pixel peeping tests?

Everyone to their own.

In answer to the OP - get the cheap adapter ring (with either the hood or filter bundle - whichever is cheaper/in stock) and buy a decent quality UV filter (I use Hoya).  I also have bought some cheap £1 lens caps to replace the useless fuji one that falls off (you will note from earlier in this post that I have a habit of losing them....).  I never use the hood - it's too small to be of any use.

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