Nikkor 14-24 vs. Nikkor 24 PC-E for cityscapes/landscapes. Which one?

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Re: Nikkor 14-24 vs. Nikkor 24 PC-E for cityscapes/landscapes. Which one?

tundracamper wrote:

I don't think you would necessarily consider these city-scapes, but I enjoy using the 24PCE.

Since I currently use it on a D300, you can tell that stitching is quite easy as those files are huge.  It is not a convenient walk-around lens, though, as it is better to use a tripod.  As a result, my plan is to add the 14-24 (or 24/1.4) for a walkaround.  I'm still debating about which is better for my needs.

Finally someone takes it seriously and answers my questions. No wonder you are senior member with more than 1K posts. Anyways, thanks for the feedback.

Photos are a bit too small thus difficult to make any conclusion though. But, I do intent to use a tripod as I always do for anything I do so a heavy lens is not a problem.

I'm mostly worried about the type of photos I will be able to make with either of both. My plan for now is get one of those (still deciding) and eventually if I really need it I'll get the other down the road. But I do want to make the right decision now and forget about buying the other for a long time.

Another concern I have is the fact that the 24mm PC-E is manual focus only which means I will need to practice manual focus a but more. Here the versatility of the 14-24mm shows up again.

I've seen many landscapes photos taken with the 14-24mm but only a "handful" of landscape-like photos within the confines of a city which made me think that perhaps I should go with a PC-E lens.

Anyways, thanks again for giving me a meaningful answer.


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