Anyone using a Sigma 500mm F4.5?

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Re: Anyone using a Sigma 500mm F4.5?

I have being using the Sigma 500 f4.5 for about two and a half years now and really like it - particularly since I switched to full frame.

I have no experience shooting big whites so my perspective is limited, but the 500 f4.5 is light weight and gives results that make me happy - when I take a decent photo.

I bought my non-DG version on the FM buy and sell forum.  Though it took 3 months, Gentec (Sigma's Canadian service centre) replaced the motherboard and my lens now focuses quickly and accurately with all my current and former bodies including a 2Ti, 50D 7D, and 5Diii.  I would say that micro-focus adjust is generally a must for third party telephoto lenses and my Sigma 500 is no exception.

For wildlife I typically don't go below f5, but mostly because of the thin DOF. For photographing people I am usually at f4.5 because of the light levels, and that's plenty sharp for most humans.


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