Just Bought EOS-M dual lens kit.

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Re: Just Bought EOS-M dual lens kit.

Hi sorry for the lack of updates. I have had some computer trouble here,

I have been lucky to have some good weather over the past few days and have become increasingly happy with the general IQ of the camera. Particularly stopped down, but even wide open, the 22mm and EOSM perform well in terms of IQ. Yes the focusing with this combination is still slower than I would have wished for, but it doesnt take away from the fun and portability.

Overall - I am still impressed with the camera. I read a pretty bad review on engadget or one of those sites during the week, but I really have trouble agreeing with much in there. It seemed like they were just repeating what they already heard somewhere else (in terms of lack of manual controls and focu speed). It also seems that they based their review mainly on the 22mm (which is a slow focussing lens). Im hanging out to see what the DPReview guys have to say. As I mentioned, I actually like the touch screen controls - if you are able to adapt or learn a new system (maybe the engadget guys had trouble with this), its not bad at all.

I will try to take some RAW images to post, but I think there are quite a few images available online now.

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