Information on my Epson 3880 ink consumption; couple questions

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Re: Information on my Epson 3880 ink consumption; couple questions

Sorry Irv, it wasn’t meant to be aggressive in any way shape or form. I just didn’t see where you were coming up with $90-180 for an 80 ml OEM cartridge, but it appears that you are talking about a complete set of nine non-OEM cartridges?

As for trimmers, you are comparing Dahle’s lowest grade ‘personal’ 18 inch trimmer with Rotarim’s top of the line ‘professional’ 24 inch trimmer. If they were comparable, I don’t think Rotatrim would be selling many trimmers.

I think we have argued the paper thing before. I don’t buy much from Red River or Breathing Color so I wasn’t taking them into consideration. All I can say is I haven’t found any significant saving with rolls versus sheet for any of the major paper manufacturers: Canson-Infinity, Hahnemühle, Mitsubishi, etc. In some cases it has actually been cheaper, per unit area, for me to buy sheets than rolls. The last time I bought Canson Photo Rag 310, it was about 10% cheaper per sq ft in 24 x 36 inch sheets than a 17 inch roll of the same paper.

So for me at least: “it really isn't worth cutting roll paper to save costs. It is worth it if you can't get the size you want in sheets” remains true.

Again, honestly was not being hostile, and I am really sorry you took it that way. We can surely offer differing opinions without being hostile.

Brian A

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