I am very interested by the SX50 HS BUT THIS REVIEW STOP ME !

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Lin Evans
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I second this opinion...

Hi Dale,

I agree completely. One can't expect to have all features and capabilities in a single instrument at this price point. To get quality long exposures with virtually any digital sensor is difficult without jumping through hoops with techniques such as dark frame subtraction, stacking and so on. But the best sensors for that type thing are the much larger ones commonly referred to as "full frame" sensors. In my experience it's much more satisfying to buy even a used dSLR to do long exposure night photography with. In reading the linked reviews, there were a few misconceptions. Someone mentioned that Canon did not have a 1200mm lens for a dSLR. Of course they do, but the MSRP is around $100,000 and the thing weighs about 40 pounds. This is what makes the little SX50 US such a jewel. Having a stabilized optical zoom reaching 1200mm effective FOV in a tiny (relatively) unit is nothing short of fantastic IMHO. I have an SX30 IS and thought 840mm was amazing. I can get that with several of my dSLR's and big glass, but it's heavy, inconvenient and having the camera available when the opportunity arises is more important to me than the slight loss of light at the long end. For what it's designed for, this is a dandy.

Cost cutting measures are obvious from my SX30 to the SX50 (for example, there is no cover for the hot shoe). I don't like the relative positions of the movie switch which was, in my experience, more convenient on the SX30, but in all it's a very nice package with tons of features and decent performance.

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