Sigma released the perfect 45mm ( in APC format) Lens!

Started Oct 6, 2012 | Discussions thread
Craig Philips Regular Member • Posts: 220
"You cannot be serious" {most famous remark of John McEnroe}

Sure, put your 26 lbs view camera with 300mm lens on this baby! ("manufacturer's disclaimer": Recommended only on level sidewalk with winds under 1.3 mph; standby assistant to catch possible topple of our 'super monopod' highly recommended.  Also usable at this weight on level ground IF supported by three stakes and wire or stout nylon cord.)

Gary a monopod is often a great help (I've had success at remarkably low shutter speeds), but, especially with the sensor we all love, there are lots of times (low light, maximum DOF sought) when a tripod is necessary.  And of course you often need to set tripod legs to different lengths or extend them out at different angles.

I suggest you check out the carbon Promaster C423W. Remove your head and it will fit in your carry-on; legs can release all the way to horizontal, hook to add weight if you wish.  It will also support your larger digital cameras.  Don't be put off by the silly minuscule level and compass.  It does take the larger head thread.


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