Betrayed by Kit Lens

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Re: Betrayed by Kit Lens

Gary Eickmeier wrote:

splashy wrote:

You're lucky you did a test run, otherwise it would have happened during the wedding.

For a wedding I would say that a backup camera/lens is a must ...

Yea verily. I am still searching for a guaranteed method in my flash work. I played around a LOT with white balance this time, trying to get it to look more like the ambient lighting of the church. My method was to go to the color temperature setting and warm it up a little, rather than my old method of gelling the flash, then manual WB to look perfect according to a white object. Also tried two flashes on wireless, to see if additional light would be good and help with modeling. Didn't have many subjects to try it on, so hard to tell. Might do it again for large groups.

Honestly, I think gelling is the only method to match the flash color with the ambient light (unless both are close).  Does not playing with the WB change both the same amount ?

Maybe should just put it on A and use it like a point n shoot.

A is fine, keep an eye on the shutter speed though. I sometimes use it with automatic ISO, after having set the maximum ISO to 1600 (for the A77). Did pretty well.

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