Is DSLR DOA? are we entering the last phase of its existence/usefulness?

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Re: Not at all....

papillon_65 wrote:

I still see loads of people wandering about with DSLR's and kit lenses on Auto. They are sold the myth that bigger is always better and they believe that the best image quality can *only* come from DSLR's. I got some really odd looks touting my OMD on holiday in France, "WTF!" type looks. As long as camera shops keep pushing them then people will buy them. The vast majority of DSLR users aren't Pro's or enthusiasts, they're just people who want to take decent shots of family gatherings and holidays. A DSLR is invariably overkill but that's what they get encouraged to buy, I don't see that changing for a while yet.

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Any problem on earth can be solved by a well aimed Pomegranate...

You don't say. So, not only do you have telescopic vision but you're a (self-proclaimed?) expert in body language as well? Did you manage to suppress your your thoughts of "WTF!" as you peered over the shoulder of the unsuspecting $500 DSLR owner, squinting for the 'green' setting?

I would not consider myself the 'stop and stare' type when it comes to other people's photography on holiday. Other than the occasional (and highly obvious) guy taking the high megapixel masterpiece with the camera in outstretched arms (is he taking a picture, viewing it (?) and I wish he'd move on as there's a mob forming behind me). With a strong second going to the clever fellow who has saved himself a bunch of weight and bulk with a compact camera system and then whips out the Olympus 35-100 f2 for that ultimate in IQ!

Get off of the island Papillon, and be prepared to see high quality output from Canon 6D and Nikon D600 owners in a holiday destination near you!

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