AF lock hesitation with Sony 18-135 toward the zoom end?

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Re: AF lock hesitation with Sony 18-135 toward the zoom end?

I just got my a57 + 18-135 kit yesterday and have been playing around a bit with it. I'll be honest, based on this thread I was getting pretty worried about my decision to switch from my D50 to the Sony. So far I can say it's about what I would expect in low light conditions. Which is that in really low indoor conditions it does hunt more at the long end than wide. But it does eventually lock. With every little extra bit of light it gets better.

I haven't done anything remotely scientific to identify where it's performance crosses the line from acceptable to not. Truth is very few of my shots are going to be zoomed in to 135 in poor light so I may be able to accept what others may not. From 18 to even 100 I'm pretty happy. Only at 135 does it get problematic, but again only in light conditions that are really only used by me for 'testing'.

I'll continue to play with it and see if it misbehaves under ​my​ normal shooting conditions. I will say I love the ergonomics of the 57 so far. Today is a nice cold and cloudy day here in CO so I'm anxious to get it outside and try it out.


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