A list of good/bad MFT lens for new owner?

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Re: I'll give it a shot

I would agree that there are no "bad" lenses for m43, but some have problems/niggles:

The Mark I 14-42mm lens that you have already was made of 3 telescoping parts, so fully extended could be a bit "wobbly" which caused blur. Its also slow to focus.

The 7-14mm Ultra Wide Angle had to have a front element that is very curved and sticks out. This would cause problems with lens flare, so it has an integral hood. Both these things mean you cannot fit filters

The 17mm pancake does not have a large max aperture (for a prime) and isn't so sharp (compared to the other 2 pancake primes), and is slow to focus.

Panasonic cameras can do "in camera correction" of Chromatic Aberrations if they have Panasonic lenses mounted. This seems to have led to the Panasonic lens designers to choose to compromise CA to achieve other objectives, on the assumption that it will be corrected. This then becomes a problem for Oly camera owners.

The Sigma 19mm and 30mm take 3 seconds to get ready to take photos after power on/return from sleep mode.

The 20mm is slow to focus.

The Oly 14-150mm superzoom has heavy barrel and pincushion distortion at the far ends of its zoom. This is corrected in camera, but that correction then reduces the sharpness.

The 14-42mm X and 45-175mm X lenses have an issue where there Optical Image Stabilisation elements get shaken a certain shutter speeds, it is guessed this is vibration from the shutter 'slap'.

No Olympus lens come with lens hoods, and then they are expensive sold separately (when they are usually just a bit of moulded plastic).

The 45-200mm is not as sharp or "contrasty" as 2 out of the 3 other lenses that cover roughly the same range (might be 3 out of 3, still waiting for a 45-150mm review/test).

The 100-300mm would benefit a lot from having a tripod mount lens collar when used on a tripod, but there is no real space on its barrel to clamp a collar onto.

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