Poor quality video transfer (Lumix FZ38)

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Re: Poor quality video transfer (Lumix FZ38)

Chances are, your video quality has nothing to do with the transfer method you're using (it would be highly unusual for any software to modify what's been transferred from the camera's memory card).

Just to make sure, set your camera's USB Mode to Mass Storage.  With a camera like your Panssonic, that mans setting it to PC versus PTP.   See page 35 of this manual (and your FZ38 works the same way).


With it set to PC Mode, it will act as a USB Mass Storage Device.   Then, it will work like  a card reader or USB attached hard drive.  So, you can click on the icon for it under "Computer", and see the folders on the card.  Just "drill down" to the folder containing your video files and copy and paste them to a folder on your PC.  Then, play them and see what they look like.   I'd try the free VLC Media Player for starters:


If they're still too dark, that's just the way the camera recorded the video (and it's not unusual to see a big difference in brightness between a camera's LCD and your computer monitor).  So, you may need to experiment with camera settings to get better results.  For example, try using a +EV Setting with Exposure Compensation so that the camera records a scene brighter than it's metering it.

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