IYHO, would a 16mpx D800 & 36mpx D800E along with D4 & 36mpx D4X sell better than the current line?

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Re: Why are you intent on asking dumb questions?

primeshooter wrote:

chimphappyhour wrote:

primeshooter wrote:

Theodoros Fotometria wrote:

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Provided of course that the 16mpx D800 & 36mpx D4 would have about the current price and better frame rate and buffer than todays D800...


I don't understand why you feel the need to discuss stupid subjects like this over and over on here. Stop worrying about Nikon's profit and loss okay? Your question is irrelevant,  it would sell much less. It's clear you know nothing about this market.

Hence why I made the Schrodinger's cat comment. Not quite the same but close enough for horseshoes.

He keeps replying in the signature area which just looks like he's making blank posts. God Lord is there a ban button on here?

Under a post from whoever you don't want to see anymore, click on more options. One of the options should be ignore user.

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