620 to a E5. Should I ??

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Re: 620 to a E5. Should I ??

Trevor Carpenter wrote:

Regardless of whether the E5 is good or suits your needs don't you even feel, like me, even a little reluctant to invest such a large amount of money into a system that is going nowhere. Put that money elswhere whether it be another brand or even micro 4/3s and you might not have the same camera in 10 years time but you'd have a very good chance of using the same sytem and 10 years evolutionary benefit.

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Hi Trevor

I would like to dispute you, but I really can’t you are 100% percent correct! This is something I have wrestled with a while; I actually want to step into a different system altogether (Nikon FX).  But want to do it in a big way, body and two to three lens right off the bat. Allot of $$$, no secret there, truth of the matter I could do it today if I really wanted but with times the way they are just do not feel comfortable doing that. So a rough plan is a year and a half to two and depending on things to come that can be longer or shorter. And most likely longer, (I am a bit of a pessimist). So reading your post was pretty much like reading my own internal dialogue. Ha Ha I kid you not!

However this is the one rare time I feel good about going against the grain. I feel this will keep my somewhat content till I step into what I want. Also with the E5 focus is way faster, images are a bit sharper. Well-- I still have to look at the raw file really. But just basically just feel I’m getting more out of my gear including the lens. As pointed out by others, will this make me a better photographer? Hell no! But at least I have a decent set of tools to work with.


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