Landscape photography: Fuji X-E or Sony Nex?

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Re: Landscape photography: Fuji X-E or Sony Nex?

Like you I was looking for a landscape kit - "landscape" landscapes and the more urban kind and I was particularly looking for a decent mirrorless kit since I figured it would be easier to carry cross country.    My decision was between M43 and the X Pro and I chose the Fuji and so far I am very happy with it.

Both the Nex 7 and Fuji offer very good image quality.  Good enough that I wouldn´t even consider it a factor in choosing between them, personally.  The so-called water colour effect is an artefact of Adobe Camera RAW.  Using Silkypix wouldn´t be my preferred option but after learning to use the damn thing I don´t have any problems.   The image quality is great from the Fuji.  You wouldn´t be disappointed.  You wouldn´t be disappointed with a NEX either.

Far more important are the handling and the lenses.   I prefer the Fuji handling.   I like the old school controls .  For me its not a retro thing - I actually just think its quicker to use an aperture ring or shutter dial and you can see what the camera is set to at a glance without needing to look at the screen or the viewfinder.   I also like composing using framelines on the OVF (and having the option the check DoF and the exact framing on the screen or EVF - best of both worlds).  Since you´re talking about the XE though, thats not really relevant.   The Sony EVF might be a bit better but its not going to be a massive factor.  From what I hear the NEX handles pretty well and is pretty customisable, so its going to be a taste thing.

For me lens availability is the critical thing.   Sony are catching up but I think the Fuji lens map looks so much better thought out than the Sony one IMO and they´re moving so much quicker.   The 18mm isn´t great ni the corners wide open but who shoots a landscape wide open anyway? Stopped down, its fine.  It´s not as good as the 35mm but wide angles are often not quite as good as normal primes anway- they are just intrinsically harder to make.   The 18mm is still good for the price though and better than the Sony 16mm from what I´ve seen.  I find the lack of a 16mm lens for X mount a bit annoying actually cos its a favourite focal lenth of mine but I think when I get my hands on the 14mm, itll probably make up for it.

Lenses are key.  Look at the Sony range and the ones from third parties like Sigma or Zeiss or whatever and look at the Fuji selection and look at whats out there now and whats going to be out there in a years tmie and make your decision on that.   The actual camera bodies are both so good that its the lenses that should be the deciding factor.

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