Firmware ver.2 for Fuji X10 WARNING!

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Re: Firmware ver.2 for Fuji X10 WARNING!

Dennis wrote:

YoursTruly wrote:

Be careful ..

Remember that you can't rollback the firmware.
Dear Fujifilm, please make the RAW button programmable as it were and include Q-menu as one of the options!

For those who actually do regret the this upgrade, rollback to a previous firmware does indeed seem to be possible:

Re: Can't find Firmware v1.02 for X10...anyone know where it might be?

Not that I have tried it, or or intend to do it, but some of you guys might want to try it out once you get tired of colourful filters and want to shoot RAW again... 

You can indeed revert to the old firmware, you just have to remember to put your old ones in a named folder as they are all called FPUPDATE.DAT and you tend to over write the old one every time you download a new version.

I've spoken to Fuji UK about it as I wanted the original v1.00 firmware for my X-S1 but no one can get hold of it. The reason I wanted the old firmware was because you could turn off the bleeps in camera yet still have the shutter sound. Now with firmware v1.01 you either have to have all the sounds or none at all.

The v1.01 firmware was supposedly just to fix the orbs but they sneaked in a few other things without telling us. Now with the new sensor we shouldn't need the firmware fix. If you have an X10 like the majority in this thread you can go back to an old firmware but for X-S1 users the original embedded firmware is the only other one and it was never made available for download so if you opted for the new sensor you are stuck with firmware v1.01 as Fuji stipulated that you had to try it before sending in your camera for the new sensor.

So just to remind you, yes you can roll back to an earlier firmware, just put the old firmware on your formatted memory card and turn on the camera whilst holding down the back button and backdate away just like you do when you update.


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