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lucasfunkt wrote:

I'm thinking of going to Norway to photograph the northern lights and do time lapses. I have the D7000 and the D600 and one spare battery between them, do you think this is enough?

It will be cold and I will be shooting for hours at a time but I'm hoping 3 batteries for the 2 cameras will be enough, what do you reckon?

Any advice for this?

Personally I think battery grips are way overpriced but maybe I could just about justify it, what do you reckon? Or just a couple more batteries?

What time of year? If it will be during a cold or even cooler time of year, you might consider having a spare for each camera which is kept inside your jacket. No matter how much better newer batteries get, the cold still seems to get them. Rotating the batteries through your jacket to warm them up will help.

Will you use the D600 to do the time lapse? If you get the grip on it, you could put a battery in body, one in the grip and have one reserve. Set the grip battery to be used first. When it depletes, the camera should switch to the internal. Then you should be able to replace the grip one if the internal gets a bit too close to being low without skipping a beat in shooting I would think.

Other than that, I'd say just keep an eye out for condensation. If it is cool enough out, I wouldn't think you'd have to worry about it quite like you would shooting late night/early morning in the summer, just don't breath too close to the camera.

I'm going in February or possibly March so it will be cold. I'm just wondering what is the best value for money, a battery grip or just a couple more spare batteries.

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