The D800 Fix: some pragmatic thoughts

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The D800 some pragmatic self calibration possible? And D600 using D7000 AF

Thanks for an amazingly interesting discussion..  What on earth did we do about these problems before we had AF?

But, I have two thoughts..

1. Self-calibrating AF.

Since these cameras have CDAF as well as PDAF, would it be difficult to have the camera self-calibrate any give lens buy switching between the CDAF and PDAF for each point in the PDAF array? Actually, its not the complex, since, if we assume a planar target, the CDAF will in focus at all points, so, the camera can disconnect CDAF from the lens AF, the switch to PDAF and make fine-tuning adjustments until the PDAF yields a CDAF in focus, and record the adjustment needed for that PDAF focus point for that lens (and, at that focal length and that distance?).

Alternatively, one may do this manually, to simplify the the process of getting a measure of the extent to which PDAF sensor points differ in accuracy.

Not that hard, I would suggest..

Any Nikon firmware hackers out there?

2. Size of D600 PDAF module, is there a design problem as the AF modules get larger?

I don't know how light is directed to the PDAF module. I note that a number of cameras (starting with the Nikon 1) are putting PDAF sensors on the image sensor.

Anyway, ken Rockwell draws attention to the fact that CAM4800 AF array in the D600 has the same number of sensors and also the same layout as the CAM4800 DX array in the D7000. Are they actually the same?

Or, is this a defacto admission by Nikon that have a design problem, and, so they have chosen a different design?

Again thanks for a really interesting set of comments..

Karl Reed

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karl reed

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