D600 + AF-S 50mm f/1.8G

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Re: D600 + AF-S 50mm f/1.8G

rufusm wrote:

Hey thanks for looking! You watch it now you young stud, you might trip over your attitude, hehe. Too funny 124, which adds up to your age...7. Anyway have a good day down under shooting 1/150. So young and not able to hold the camera steady, what a shame. Are we done now with this Photographer124?

Photographer124 wrote:

If that's your picture in the profile for real, obviously not as old as you, grandpa.

rufusm wrote:

Why so harsh, mironv was just pointing out another exposure option for this static scene and you insult him for this by telling him to shut his pie hole up? How old are you?

Photographer124 wrote:

mironv wrote:

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You are shooting a people standing still with 50MM lens at 1/320 sec at ISO 6400 for what reason?? You know that you can shot same thing with 1/50 sec at ISO 800.

If he wants to shoot at iso 25600 every day and every night at 1/4000, he can do that. Why would he need a reason ?

besides, 1/50 is not fast enough, a small movement of the hand or subject and the picture is compromised. You need at least 1/150 to make sure that photo is sharp.

Interesting how there's always an idiot throwing a comment on one's technique or judgement. Just enjoy the darn photo and shut your pie hole up.

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Sorry guys, wasn't me posting, you can't trust these kids nowadays, always up for a practical joke

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