Noob question: best 50mm Nikon lens for d600?

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Re: Nikkor 50 f/1.8 AFS G mounted on your D7000

Guidenet wrote:

jjm1181 wrote:

I primarily shoot portraits and attempt to catch my children.   I'm moving from the d7000 to the d600.   I've never used a prime lens.  I've just used the kit lens on the d7000.  I've always struggled getting crisp clean shots with the kids always moving so I've decided to get a prime lens make my life easier.

I've been eyeing down the 1.8 and 1.4f lenses but not sure if one is better suited for my needs.  AlsoMcKay isn't really an issue since it seems I'll only be spending around $500 at most or so I think.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Also, should I get the kit lens for the d600 or just save the money and use it on a nice prime lens?

I'm a little confused on what you're trying to do, my friend. What do you expect the D600 to do that your D7000 cannot do? I think if you're unable to get crisp clean shots of your kids with a D7000, you will continue to not be able to do this with a D600. Full frame won't do a better job of this. A full frame camera might give you a little better color depth and dynamic range only if you take the time to shoot RAW files and learn how to take advantage of the extra overhead. The D7000 also has excellent color depth and dynamic range as well. The difference will be incremental and equal only to your existing experience which doesn't sound like your forte.

If you're looking for clean crisp shots of the kids, your money might be much better spent on a 50 f/1.8G for that D7000. Get that for $219 USD then spend some time with a course in digital photography. You might also try Bryan Peterson's book called Understanding Exposure. A good SB700 flash will pretty much do a great job to help if you learn how to use it well. Any of these things are probably better than a camera body upgrade as far as accomplishing your goal, cleaner and crisper shots of the children in action.

Regardless of money spent, I'd master that D7000 before moving up the food chain. If you haven't done that no expenditure in the world will get you better images. The D600 is incapable if getting better images if the button presser can't do so with a D7000. Period. You will be completely dissappointed if you think differently.

I've been at this for over fifty years and when I buy a new camera, it takes me six months of serious professional use before I'm satisfied that I'm getting the extra out of it over the past model, equal to what I paid. For example, I bought a D800 in June. I've been using a D3S and D700. I'm just now really beginning to get more of what I paid for buying that D800. I'm just now starting to feel I am understanding that new camera to the point I feel I'm getting somewhat better images for my clients and then only in some cases. Do you see what I mean.

You've got the best DX crop camera made by Nikon. You ought to be able to make incredible images with it. When this becomes the norm, only then think about moving up. I just don't think that time has arrived based on everything you've said, unless you're a wealthy individual and can buy just to show off or feel good. Spend your money wisely. Get that 50 f/1.8G and master your excellent D7000.

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Cheers, Craig
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^^^ = Bull***t

D600 has way better image quality, given the same lens. The full frame sensor on this camera just shines... There is something in the images from the full frame, a 3d like appearance and clarity, the small sensors just does not have.

Just my 2 cents, my personal opinion. I went from D7000 do D600 too . ( did not "went" in fact, I still have both here, but D7000 is probably going to be sold).

Good luck whatever you do.

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