DXO has no clothes

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Re: DXO has no clothes

Given the verbal abuse Dxo gets online for either not reviewing some cameras or reviewing them but not saying what people wish to hear, if find this call for an end to Dxo worship somewhat ironic.

As for canon vs Nikon sensors I would suggest that people who want to discuss that try to compare by themselves. I was given that opportunity, a very gratifying one -- being able to use 2 of the best currently available cameras (5diii & D800) side by side.

Of course I tested them in the high DR scenarios I typically face. My conclusion was that in these specific conditions, the difference in DR was not really significant to me. In the end I regretted not spending the time I had with both cameras testing other aspects, such as high ISO, more important for what I shoot.

However, this does not mean there is no difference. There is, plain and simple. Whether the added DR of the Nikon shows in your pictures depends on what you shoot, at what iso, and how you post process (meaning the amount of signal compression you want to apply to your pictures (by lifting shadows and/or bringing hilights down). This is the subjective dimension in the debate. But what DXO measures is objective : in terms of base iso DR, Nikon is ahead today, period. Dxo's ranking reflects that.

This from someone who would not part from his 5DIII at any price !

Maybe if I have the time, I will post my comparison at some point.

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