Kenn Threed's attempt of shooting birds away from his feeder

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Re: Kenn Threed's attempt of shooting birds away from his feeder

jcmarfilph wrote:

In one of the the threads in Canon Talk Forum, Kenn posted a link to his blog which has a link to his attempt to shoot birds on a tree or birds away from his backyard feeder.

I salute him for posting these pictures because this indicate the challenge and dilemma of shooting birds out in the wild which proved my point that I am not showcasing the best of HS30 because of limited situation.


Let's get the truth about this shot Jomer for comparison sake:

From Kenn's thread in Canon Talk Forum:

Eastern Bluebird SX30 Manual ISO100 840+2X digital TC [1680mm] 1/60.

I include this last one to note the reduced feather detail and overall soft IQ which digital zoom often produces, especially with slow shutters. We seldom use such in-camera magnification and don't generally recommend its use, but it has proved useful in some situations. This shot was taken at @40ft in poor light, but it was a keeper for us because it was our first image of this young fledgling which shows his remarkable two pearl-colored claws.

We hope you enjoy these, and good shooting everybody.


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