Problems with HS20 and HS30

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Re: Problems with HS20 and HS30

iConnekt wrote:

Hi all
About a month I have purchased for my wife a Fujifilm HS20. The reasons were that it has the viewfinder, a great zoom and almost full manual controls, at a reasonable price (on discount at Costco, end of the series). So we started using it, and after probably a week or so it started having a specific problem: the "off" dial would not work, we had to wait until the automatic shutoff will happen. In the mean time if we put the camera back in the bag we would end up with a number of black shoots (the release was activated bumping around). Besides, the quality of the photos was so-so, and the viewfinder not really usable.
So thinking we had a faulty unit we returned the camera and got a new HS30, which has on paper some significant improvement, namely a much better viewfinder and improved sensor, even if costing 35% more.
It has now been about ten days, and we are having a new problem with the HS30: whenever we shut off the camera, either with the dial or automatically, it will take about 1 minute before being able to shoot again when we restart. The strange part is that the screen is active, but there's nothing on it (no exposition, center diagram, anything) and no button or command is responding. After about a minute it wakes up and start working. I tried to erase all settings, change the flash card, but no difference.

I was trying to get my wife out of the basic p&s, but I'm getting the opposite result!...
I'm wondering if I have been particularly unlucky or if there's some quality issue by Fuji, at least for their "lesser" lines... Of course, while I still like the manual zoom I'm not really willing to go through repairs or warranties, and the camera is very likely going to go back to the shop, and that would be my last Fuji...

I did have the same issue with my HS30 and a period of slow start up times and strange things happening. Bill is spot on with respect to memory card. I had been using an adapter to put photos on my IPad. When I then put the card back in the camera weird things happened. I formatted the card in the camera and hey presto everything perfect again.  I now make sure I have several cards on me at all times, all formatted in the camera, and have stopped using the adapter.

hope this helps


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