Gone from a Nex to a Leica?

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Re: Gone from a Nex to a Leica?

I've tried a Leica M9 for a couple months, then sold it.  I found a few differences between how I shot it and a shooting with my NEX 7, as well as the resulting images.

1.  IQ:  First, the NEX7 is far superior in low light.  That said, if you shoot lower ISO, the Leica images have a fantastic color and crispness that I usually don't see in my NEX 7 shots.  I hardly did any post processing with my M9 shots, whereas I had to do much more with the NEX.  Plus there was the obvious ability to get shallower depth of field on the Leica.  Moar bokeh plz!

2.  Handling:  I enjoy the analog controls of the Leica, with a dedicated shutter speed dial and aperture ring on the lens.  That said, I never quite took to the rangefinder mechanism.  As another poster said, I think it's an individual thing.  Everyone already knows about the NEX 7 Tri-Navi controls - I think they're great.

At the end of my Leica journey, I ended up selling my M9 because I couldn't stand the thought of owning a $5000 camera that might break, and will lose massive amounts of value quickly because it's digital.  The NEX is just so much more versatile, and a better value, so I stuck with it.  Sometimes autofocus is needed.  I have to say, I would totally buy an RX-1 if it came with a 50mm 1.4!

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