Best 50mm Nikon lens for d600

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Re: Best 50mm Nikon lens for d600

jjm1181 wrote:

I primarily shoot portraits and attempt to catch my children.   I'm moving from the d7000 to the d600.   I've never used a prime lens.  I've just used the kit lens on the d7000.  I've always struggled getting crisp clean shots with the kids always moving so I've decided to get a prime lens make my life easier.

I've been eyeing down the 1.8 and 1.4f lenses but not sure if one is better suited for my needs.  AlsoMcKay isn't really an issue since it seems I'll only be spending around $500 at most or so I think.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Also, should I get the kit lens for the d600 or just save the money and use it on a nice prime lens?

The D600 is for people who have pent up feelings to own a full frame - with the high res, shallow DOF and all the things that FF goodness brings.

From your description, that's not really your prime intent. You want a body that takes photos of your children. Your D7000 is one helluva camera. It can do high ISO without much grain. It focusses fast and correctly if you know how to use the correct AF pattern. It has a big bright viewfinder. It has deeper DOF than the D600 by virtue of its smaller sensor. Get the 35mm bright prime lens for it. And get more light in either by installing brighter room lights or use flash

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