profiles for OCP ink and canvas?

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irvweiner Contributing Member • Posts: 705
Re: profiles for OCP ink and canvas?

John, I profiled my Canon Pro 9000 with my ColorMunki for OCP ink and several papers and BC canvas media. I now use the 3880 most prints except family pix.

Give me some time to collect the Canon profiles and will pass them on. DO remind me, pass on your email and I will get them to you. Bob Petruska also has profiled his 9000 and OCP ink, I haven't convinced him to run Canvas yet but he may have done so.

Please understand the our profiles were prepared for the 9xxx's we own not a statistical Canon printer, temperature and humidity play an important role in the resulting profile as well as the tolerances of the printer. When first purchased, my profiles with the OEM ink gave visible improvement, same for the new 3880. With 3rd party systems in both, follow up profiles for temp&humid maintain hi print quality.

good luck   irv weiner

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