Buying decision HELP: NEX-7 or NEX-6

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Re: Buying decision HELP: NEX-7 or NEX-6

Just played with NEX6 in a Sony show in Hong Kong and it felt different to NEX7. I own a NEX7 and this is just my opinion but NEX6 felt plasticky and very light, more like a compact camera.

Control wise, the dial under the mode dial felt stiffer than the ones on NEX7. There is only one button for customization, ie. the Fn next to the shutter. If you want to change setting quickly, you will have to use press display a few times until the page with all the settings pops up, then you have to press Fn to activate it for changing the settings on that page. After you have moved to the setting that you want to change with the 4 way navigation dial, you then have to turn the 4 way dial to change it. It does take a bit of getting use to. To go from live view to changing the settings, it can be a bit fiddly but you know all the settings are under one page, rather than under various function buttons in NEX7.

As for changing ISO, you have to press right side of the 4 way dial first before changing it which is good as it avoids accidental change which happened a lot to many people. AF speed felt the same as NEX7.

It tried continuous shooting with the focus on my hand while moving my hand back and forth slowly from the lens, and focus only seems to work only on the few 2 to 3 shoots, and I made sure my hand was not too close so it was out of focus and this test was nothing scientific, but it felt that the hybrid AF was pretty much the same as the AF on NEX7. May be it'll work better on the 50mm which tend to hunt a bit.

The 16-50mm felt flimsy and wobbly, no filter or hood will fit unless Sony makes some. The zoom was very difficult to control, way too fast, even when I tried to move it by little. The 35mm and 10-18mm felt much nicer, light and well built, just like the silver NEX lenses, but a lot more expensive, especially the 10-18mm (twice the price of 35mm). Hope this helps.

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