D600 too expensive

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Re: D600 too expensive

NikonScavenger wrote:

2100 entry to the FF is a lot, especially given their desire to use the D7k AF module and not the much better one from the D300s... or D700 for that matter. That and at best rumor prices of 1600 were widly optimistic.

I can't help but think this camera is overpriced, and that the price needs to drop about 300-400 dollars before it fulfills its job as an entry-level FF that makes it worth the money.

As a plus, with the 6D it may mean that we're seeing a migration to bigger sensors.

Yea, it reminds me a lot of the original Canon 5Dii pricing model which, by the way, was hugely successful for Canon.  Put a really good sensor in it and ho hum everything else.

I'm at the bottom of a very long post but I might as well test the Edit option.

The ONLY real indicator of a product being priced too high is if it does not sell well.  Your one opinion on this is really meaningless.  People will provide a very accurate poll with their money.  We will wait and see.  By the way, if it sells too well and is out of stock a lot, it was too cheap.

= tommy

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