D600 RAW noise beats 5D MKIII

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Re: Nikon's NR is bad IMO

rhlpetrus wrote:

rbirkby wrote:

The D600 beats the competition according the the graphs on:


So why do the sample images look worse?

They don't look worse, especially in RAW. Canon jpegs use a lot of USM and IMO a better NR routine. If you do it yourself, with good conversion and NR, you will be able to get better results from any of these cameras, especially the Nikons (the default NR software is really bad, same as in CNX2).

FYI, the newest CNX2 released this summer has a new NR option that is actually very good up to iso 800/1600 range.  It is called Better Quality 2012 and is in the Camera Development Section.  You need to use much higher settings to get what you need from it.

= tommy

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