100 IS L Macro - what I will not be able to do with it?

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Re: 100 IS L Macro - what I will not be able to do with it?

guitarist wrote:

dnral wrote:


Who the heck uses autofocus when taking a macro photo?

wow...DAVID ... didn't you know?    .....  a lot of people do..

cant ever be tied to a tripod... I have used my flash...but usually dont use that either

I do hear some people say that a true macro shot uses a tripod and flash.... I am not so constrained.  They used to say a guitar was only a chordal rhythm-section instrument...


I do not use manual focus.. I have a tripod but it is not used very much for anything....who the heck 'anchors' their activities to a tripod...?

chasing bugs is a common approach with a macro lens..

I love to walk around a garden ...surprising critters... discovering a flower and bee adventure

If one considers taking a macro shot can ONLY be a manual focus event...

then the 180 on a tripod makes sense..it is  pretty slow to focus.. and is a tripod kinda lens

The 100 will never look as good as the 180L.  You can stand back a bit farther with the 180L and it will always be the ultimate macro lens (my oppinion).

personally - IMO - I believe that lens is due to be modernized

to become a 150-200 range prime f4 I.S. fast-focus macro  lens ...I would love 15+ " and I.S.

this lens needs I.S. more than the 100L did...its coming

of course this is just my opinion...how I do it



Outstanding macro shots!  Especially the insects in flight.  I got the 100L macro earlier this year and have been having the same fun with insects and flowers.  One question though, if you are willing to share your secrets - how do you get such good focus on the insects in flight?  I usually shoot at f8 - f11 and I've tried pre-focusing in a specific spot, like the tip of a flower, and shooting a burst as the insect is flying towards it (7D in high speed) and servo focus with a variety of focus point settings.  So far no where near as good of results as you have shown are possible.

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