PS7.0 (2002) worth upgrading for basic functionality?

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Re: PS7.0 (2002) worth upgrading for basic functionality?

I used PS7 for a long time and I still think it is great.  I now use CS2 because I got a great deal on it a few years back.  I also use Elements ver. 8  because I  teach an introductory class for elements.  I may get elements 9 or 10 or even 11 , but only so I can keep current with the students wanting to learn elements [they always have newer software and cameras than I do].  I would love to have CS6 but can't justify the expense.

That being said, when I am working on my own stuff I use CS2 and I prefer it over PS7 only because of the shadow highlight feature.  Other than that PS7 does all I need.  Elements is great but not as great as full photoshop.  Look at the size of the programs..........PS7 has a tiny footprint on my hard drive compared to all the others and I have a copy of it on my laptop as well. The "organizer" included in elements is crap IMHO.   I have lightroom 3 but don't use it or like it.  I use a 3rd party when I shoot Raw but mostly I shoot jpeg and edit in CS2.   If you decide to shoot more Raw you might have to get something else like lightroom or elements   Keep PS7......and find something else to do Raw if you need.  PS7 basic editing and good plugins and actions will take you where you want to go.

Rod Gerst

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