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Re: Refurbished Logitech M305

Jim Cockfield wrote:

I've bought 3 of these in the past year for use with netbooks and laptops, and I bought all of them in refurbished condition to save a few bucks, and they're all still working just fine.

I used this vendor for one of them and the mouse arrived in perfect, like new condition.

For $13.25 delivered to get a wireless mouse (that works on virtually any surface, including on my pants leg while sitting in a recliner in the Den), it's just not worth the trouble to tweak the settings to try and use the built in touchpad on new laptops/netbooks, since using a wireless mouse makes it *much* easier. 

This model has a "nano" receiver (so that it fits almost flush with the laptop's USB port), and works just fine (again, I've bought 3 of them so far).


I just noticed I'm using a Logitech M305 mouse with my desktop right this minute, too.  LOL

Personally, I like the smaller size of this particular mouse model.

I had some issues with my last wireless mouse and swapped to one the Logitech M305 models I bought for use with laptops and netbooks.  Even though the "nano" receiver is plugged into a USB port on the desktop computer that's four or five feet from where the mouse is, it still works fine.

On the downside, I do need to replace the battery in the mouse from time to time.  I'm guessing you'll need to replace it around once/month with heavy use (all day long every day type of use).

No big deal though.   I bought a 16 pack of Walgreen brand AA Alkaline batteries from our local WalGreen's pharmacy a while back for around $7.00 (and you can find them for even less online).   The Logitech M305 mouse only uses one AA Battery (which helps to keep the size/weight of the mouse down).

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