Where do I find the total shutter count on SLR/n?

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John W.
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Re: count

Peter Damroth wrote:

Is a count of 28073 alot, or medium age, or what?

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Peter Damroth Photography

It depends !  Most of the 'camera' is from the Nikon N/F80.  If the shutter is also from this source then 28,073 is about middle age.  However, I recall reading some while ago that the shutter in the 14N and SLR/N was actually from the F100 (which is more fitting for a Pro camera).  If this is correct then your shutter count represents a young adult   I'll see if I can locate the article.

I think the F80 shutter MTTF is rated at about 50,000 and the F100 at 100,000+.  I am inclined to believe that the shutter is from the F100 as I personally know of 4 14N or SLR/N's that have over 100,000 on the clock.

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John W
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