Information on my Epson 3880 ink consumption; couple questions

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Re: Information on my Epson 3880 ink consumption; couple questions

Brian, my prices for the inks come from the vendor sites and my own purchase receipts. One hour ago, Epson's site showed $63, Atlex 53.40, B&H 51.24, OfficeDepot $61 and Adorama $48. B&H and Adorama have been closed this week (religious holidays), and most probably have not adjusted their prices.

My 3880 ink purchases from inkjetcarts are ~$9 to refill an 80 ml cart. The cartridge sets from the vendors recommended in the posts of this printer forum mentioned above vary from $90--180--for the identical 80ml carts!!

My first purchase of a rotary cutter was the Dahle 508, again a posted recommendation for paper  and other materials possibly for light canvas. Canvas usage as stated was not good at all, the lite small plastic base resulted in a poor workspace period. An excellent posting and discussion on Naturescapes praised the Rotatrim Pro M series-'their mid priced' gear. Viewing the physical differences between the Pro Dahle 554 and the Rotatrim RCM24 made my choice clear. (price diff ~$35, negligible).

Brian: "To be honest, it really isn't worth cutting roll paper to save costs. It is worth it if you can't get the size you want in sheets."

Do visit the BC and RR sites and report back on the validity of the 15-30% savings, for paper and canvas. It is a BIG savings when you do not have sacrifice an existing large sheet  but cut what size is needed from a roll.

We have both contributed many posts to this forum with the intent of aiding those requesting. Why the hell did you respond to my post with such hostility add belligerence. It's improper and I DONT like it!!!

irv weiner

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