Ricoh to introduce Full Frame camera and 3 new modules for GXR

Started Oct 3, 2012 | Discussions thread
anthony mazzeri Senior Member • Posts: 2,025
Re: Ricoh to introduce Full Frame camera and 3 new modules for GXR

Maybe you shouldn't take this situation personally, Joel. It's not like this thread is of any actual substance anyway for you to take any down votes on it seriously. Some people simply didn't appreciate your bait'n'switch jape. They're just voting what they see as a frivolous thread down, not you.

Besides, one of the admin guys posted in the general forum that the ratio of registered users to those who actively post is 211:1. It's easy to forget there's always lots more readers than there are writers. And they all get to vote now. So for all we know, it could be all just non-participant readers doing the negative voting and not actually any of the regulars anyway, which means they have no personal vested interest in the actual author so even more reason to not take it personally. Makes sense, it's more likely these users just click a button and move on as the extent of their personal involvement.

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