LX7 : flash intensity loweras compared to LX3

Started Sep 30, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: LX7 : flash intensity lower than LX3

DezM wrote:

Your exposures aren't the same. The first has a higher shutter speed. Try again in manual mode with exact settings and try at 0 EV.

I got additional insight when I did some further test shots.

As recommended I set the exposure to + 2/3 . Comparing with my LX3 I got now similar esposure time under P mode, i.e. the LX7 underexposes photos by 2/3 . After fixing the exposure time, either manually or overexposing by 2/3,  the difference is no more so big but still exists.

After my testing the LX3 produces better daylight  exposed flash photos than the LX7.

First LX7,  then LX3. Distance 5 m.  Highly cropped.

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