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Re: How to Fix Your Index Page

Walt Bilofsky wrote:

At the top of the forum index page, click Collapsed.

At the bottom, next to "Color Scheme?" click Yellow.

There.  Now it's only a little worse than the old layout.

Sorry Walt but you're a little late...I dd all that just an hour or so after the new-fangled Forum displasy was thrust on me...

But I soon found that it was still very much of a change..for the worse.. in many ways...

However - I did put comments into posts AND used the Feedback location that I think has been very much respected by "those up there"...and am pleased to see that quite a few of the obvious things creating loads of criticisms have in fact been changed - or are in the process of being changed.

The much larger line spacing was clearly bad..THAT has now been changed noticeably.  As part of that..I (and maybe a lot of others) have remarked on the fact that in collapsed mode you do not see the name of the OP as before...THAT is now changed back.

And just an hour or two ago I noticed (only yet on a few Forums) the Votes column which I still don't see any use for at all..) has now gone or going..and the removal of that has given more width for the main heading line of each original post ...MUCH better.

It does seem that we are being listened will remain differnt in a lot of ways I'm sure..  but with luck it WILL get back to some reality and more like the original in a lot of ways.  I stil think the typing section for replies leaves a bit to be desired.  The old "Review" of a post BEFORE you sent it, really isn't there makes it a bit hit-and-miss on whether you've got it all as you CAN get it back to Edit but it's only AFTER it is sent...not quite the same..

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