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brianj wrote:

MGJA wrote:

Brian, thanks for continuing with finding interesting settings to work with. I'll try your WB adjustment as soon as the weather allows. Saturation +1 is fine, but ever so slightly over the top - and it makes it really hard to preserve highlights in even just modest lightning.

What I really want is a half increment of saturation increase, .5 of the present step would be exellent

Sure would. And I liked your earlier idea about using ISO 200 and sat +1, although it does run into the shutter speed limit in sunshine.

I had another amazing discovery today, I thought I would try earlier FW versions to see if the setting of AUTO WB was different in any of them.  I started at 005251 which has some of the critical early fixes, but the colour of AUTO was still slightly wrong, but what I noticed immediately was that the shot with the earlier FW was about .3EV lower in exposure.  I then reloaded the latest and reverified that it was higher in exposure, so I worked forwards and found that it began rising in version 011051, so I went back one to 008264.  That is the version I used today and I think I will leave it there because with exposure down .3EV over what it was before I can now use 0EV as my default and drop to -.3 only in extreme cases.

I'd never do that. Each flashing is one step nearer to the final bricking of the device. At least in my hands. Not that it would help me very much anyway, since I find I have to dial in -.7 EV most of the time.

The new forums make expanded images look bad. Smudgy, noisy. Not only yours here, but every picture currently posted. On a photo site. What where they thinking?

Also, EXIFs are stripped.

I hadn't taken much notice of this problem, but now you mentioned it I compared the one stored in the gallery to the one in this message and it is no good at all, and isn't even the full size.  The best way to see an image properly at the moment would be to use the gallery link below the image and fully expand the gallery one.

I know. I simply can't believe how badly implemented the new image widget is. First it seem it scales the whole thing in javascript on the fly, introducing horrendous artifacts. Then it even scales up the text. And then it grays out the rest of the thread while it's zoomed in. And finally, just to add to the injury, it loads all images in the big size when you click on one to inspect it. I can't believe the spent so much as a minute with this functionality - it has to have been some stock javascript they just pasted in.

Thanks for responding.

Thank you for not only tinkering with the cam but also posting your results for inspection and debate. It's much appreciated.

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