D600 U1 and U2 Do you use them ,if so what for.?????.

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Re: D600 U1 and U2 Do you use them ,if so what for.?????.

D Knisely wrote:

Interesting to see how people use U1/U2!

One good feature is that there are really THREE settings banks -- U1, U2, and PASM/scene/etc.  When you leave U1 or U2 and return to PASM or the scene modes, the settings in use are restored, but PASM and even the scene modes share most or all settings.  I use the three banks like this:

U1 - General purpose Aperture priority mode with Auto-ISO enabled, AF-ON enabled, single point matrix metering, AF-C.  I use this for walk-around, usually with the 28-300VR, and this is my starting point for almost everything.  I can pop off Auto-ISO and take control of ISO without menus via the ISO button + wheels, even through the VF.  This is basically my tele street shooting mode.

U2 - AF-A auto-area mode, AF-ON disabled, Aperture Priority, Auto-just about everything.  This is my WA and UWA (and fisheye) street shooting, hip-shooting, and inconspicuous shooting mode.  It used to take about five settings changes and menu dives on the D700 to go between my two "general purpose" street modes, but now U1 and U2 do the job.  I can also use U2 as a setting to hand the camera to someone else to take a picture -- rare, but handy without screwing around.

PASM - A or M mode operation for controlled shooting, usually landscapes on tripod, flash work, etc.

I have not touched a D600 menu since the first 30 minutes setting it up!

I moved spot metering to the Fn button and AE-Lock to the Preview button.  That lets me override matrix when control is necessary, but I find that I rarely need this anymore because if the focus point is on a human subject, the D600 matrix metering is almost perfect even in very challenging lighting conditions.


I have had similar experiences with D600 metering.  The matrix meter is so reliable that I don't see having to ever spot meter.

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