Sigma DP1x dead after 24 shots

Started Oct 4, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP panpen Contributing Member • Posts: 957
Re: Sigma DP1x dead after 24 shots

Got it, same package, no padding. At least I can return it if I have any suprises during the first 30 days. As for the camera?! I've had the DP2 for a while and I thought it was a good camera. The DP1x is simply unbelievable. The micro contrast is unreal, in a good way. The LCD is much brighter than dp2's, focus is more precise and it doesn't seem to make the grinding noise when is locking the focus. The only unusual thing I find about this camera is the charging time for the flash, maybe 2-3 times longer than dp2. Other than than the dp1x is worth $400. It is soo good. I can only imagine how good is the Merrill version though it is hard to justify $1k for that camera. $500 down the road I will pay without thinking twice.

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