Sharpest lens?

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It all depends, but lots of choices

There are good and bad copies of lenses of there making it difficult say for sure.  Even the review sites vary widely.

For me the 75mm F/1.8 is one of the best I have seen.

The 25mm F/1.4 is better than the 20mm pancake which still is sharper than most lenses out there from anyone.

I haven't used the 60mm macro, but if it is truly sharper than the ZD50, the gold standard, like some already claim, it will be hard to beat.  Remember, some macro will not perform as well at infinity just as some sharp lenses are as good for very close up.

The reality for me any lens that is as sharp as the 100-300mm zoom at 100mm and F/4 which is crazy sharp in the center, is good enough for my use.  Only pixel peepers would see any differnce and I doubt you coudl tell in most prints.

So don't obsess, instead enjoy! 

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